grain milling machine

  • Double Roller Malt Mill

    (1)Roll grinding flat, the material is easy to enter the grinding zone, convenient disassemble and repair; (2) Gear transmission with fast and slow roll, high transmission efficiency, smooth running, low noise; (3) The self-aligning ball bearing roller,can guarantee the concentric rotary precision, can bear high speed and roller pressure; (4) The high quality steel head, alloy steel rollers are dynamic balance, stable operation, long service life; (5)Fine rolling distance and the locking handle have the advantages of simple structure and convenient operation.

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  • Malt Milling Machine

    YUXIN malt milling machine: -For beer brewing used grain milling; -Double roller type, the roller distance can be adjusted according to different milling demands; -Various milling capacity to fit differnet scales' breweries' demands; -High efficience, low noise

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