3000L Cider Fermentation Tank

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3000L Cider Fermentation Tank
  • China
  • 30-40 days
  • 300 sets per year

Precise temperature control, safe and effective cleaning, and trustworthy cider equipment. Whether you are receiving totes of juice, tankers of juice, pressing your own fruits, we have the ability and cider brewing equipment that can help you achieve your goals.

3000L Cider Fermentation Tank

cider fermentation tank

Our cider brewing equipment is designed to provide lasting value. We use high quality virgin 304 stainless steel on all our cider tanks. We provide high quality valves and seals so your tanks will perform well through many successful cider making sessions.

cider tank


SUS 304






Side/top manway

Weld gap



 ordinary pressure

With double wall, respiration valve and  air inlet

100% TIG welded joints;

360° spray ball, easy and thorough cleaning

Complete temperature/pressure auto control, safety, utility for top-quality cider

fermentation tank

 cider fermentation tank

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