Automatic 2 Heads Beer Keg Filler

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Automatic 2 Heads Beer Keg Filler
  • China
  • 30-40 days
  • 500 sets per year

Heads: Single/ Double/ Three/ Four station keg filling and washing machine;
Control: Manual/ Semi-auto/ Full automatic control
Sanitary: Washing by Pasteurized water, food grade standard.

Automatic 2 Heads Beer Keg Filler

beer keg filler

SIEMENS control unit is adopted for automatic control of all processes. Washing, disinfecting and CO2 pressure preparation will be automatically finished.

lye water, disinfecting water can be recycled to save water;

Adopt pneumatic angle vale combination to ensure a safe work;

Frame, working station, pipeline and valves are all by stainless steel, all pipelines and pneumatic system are all closed cycle. Good look and stable;

Time parameters can be adjusted according to customers’ demands. If a procedure is not needed, you can turn the time parameter of this procedure to “0”. 

beer kegging machine


2KW(Steam heating),18KW(Electric heating)


30-40 KEGS/H

Washing and filling mode

Keg topside down

Applicable kegs


air source pressure


Beer source pressure


Co2 source pressure


Cylinder valve pressure


Power voltage


automatic keg filler

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